Sunday, June 1, 2014

PRJ3 | changingSPCS_changingMOVMTS

When we think about the term of city we realized there is a place that connect a huge variety of spaces.

To make this relation possible it’s necessary the existence of different ways. 
Twe only use common ways to transport  ourselves from different places, and there is where our project begin... 


When we talk about the possibilities of movements in the university we can talk about the auto traffic and the bycicle, but we don’t matter about the possibility of longboard movement. Then appear ‘LONG WAY’, a new method to move around and through the campus without the needing of leaving the object. We find a new, comfortable and quickly way to realise our university life.

In this case we have created some different structures with several materials that change our point of view and our lives in the campus. This new shapes are through all the campus and you can interact with them as the same way that the interact with the biuldings.

Once we have studied the different types relations taht we can find with the terms we are working about, first of all I have tried to undesrtand this relation by making some diverse models to know have can be them useful for me to carry out the project.


To relation the different spaces that can be useful for us, we have to focus on how we can make this relation in a way that is not as usual as other methods. In our case what we have is a exterior ring for auto traffic that can moves us away from the university relations and usually we don’t take part in its life. However, we create an internal ring that relate all the living spaces where people is in a suitable and appropiate space. 

We have finished the searching 
of the nucleus of density and movement 
and we realise that we can focus on a specifyc place
when almost all the ways pass trough that location.

Then is when appears the university SUBWAY_

This SUBWAY is not just a cover in the midle of the campus, is more than that. It is more a ‘internal’ space in the exterior that allows us have the comfortability of realize the university life with a new kind of movements and changing structures and spaces. 

As we can see in the renders, people can relax by laying or sitting and ridders can prove an alternative way of enjoying this place.

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