Friday, March 7, 2014

Conections Model

With this model I tried to experiment with conections between spaces, refering to the spheres. I wanted to achieve more information about different levels of hight and different forms to go to somewhere in a different way. This time, with the ropes, I have tried to use it as a surface, a different use to it. I have created a space where you can be inside the spheres or inside the main space. The ropes will let the light get in, because there are no windows and depending on the forms os the ropes, it will get in a certain type of light and a certain form of it. This can be manipulated.


During this week I focused in a place. This place is a park, in particular, this zone, this circle. Here people usually meet with our dogs. So, I have been involved with people, I have been talking with them, I have been taken my own dog and I have noticed of some problems. For example, in this place there aren’t any benches. Either there isn’t any game for dogs and either a site where they can drink water. So, I have tried to resolve these problems with this model. This object, like a furniture, resolve this little problems for realize more comfortable take your dog at park. So, this is a pallet with two supports and is closed for back. On one side we have a object where we can put it the water and dogs can drink. The pallet can use like a bench on people can sit and under of it there is a space where people can put the dogs if them are fighting or something like this. This is a piece you can add more pieces.

Water Vortex - Darío Lisón

I made a model of a water vortex maker, with two bottles.
I try to draw and design a water vortex, and I do these draws to understand how to create a vortex to inspire me and to improve my project.


I have been looking for informations and investigating about my work. As a result of information gathering, this video is an analysis of movement's blind person in different spaces and situations. It could be helpful for my project. 

A mature encounter with architecture involves perceptual co-presence of multiple sensations, emotions and thoughts. Although such experience invite many different interpretations, which we consider of maxim importance is the impact of the place, which we intuit without words or reflection. Our common perception is a holistic construction based on the senses.