Sunday, June 29, 2014



Cuando hablamos sobre el movimiento y la fluidez hablamos de factores que son fundamentales a la hora de desarrollar este proyecto en la vida universitaria. El primero porque lo que caracteriza nuestro campus es el dinamismo que existe a la hora de desplazarse a través de éste, ya que solo contamos con tráfico rodado en el anillo periférico, por lo tanto las conexiones que deban establecerse dentro del campus han de ser los más cómodas y fluidas posibles, y es aquí donde entra el segundo factor.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

PRJ3 | changingSPCS_changingMOVMTS

When we think about the term of city we realized there is a place that connect a huge variety of spaces.

To make this relation possible it’s necessary the existence of different ways. 
Twe only use common ways to transport  ourselves from different places, and there is where our project begin... 


When we talk about the possibilities of movements in the university we can talk about the auto traffic and the bycicle, but we don’t matter about the possibility of longboard movement. Then appear ‘LONG WAY’, a new method to move around and through the campus without the needing of leaving the object. We find a new, comfortable and quickly way to realise our university life.

In this case we have created some different structures with several materials that change our point of view and our lives in the campus. This new shapes are through all the campus and you can interact with them as the same way that the interact with the biuldings.

Once we have studied the different types relations taht we can find with the terms we are working about, first of all I have tried to undesrtand this relation by making some diverse models to know have can be them useful for me to carry out the project.


To relation the different spaces that can be useful for us, we have to focus on how we can make this relation in a way that is not as usual as other methods. In our case what we have is a exterior ring for auto traffic that can moves us away from the university relations and usually we don’t take part in its life. However, we create an internal ring that relate all the living spaces where people is in a suitable and appropiate space. 

We have finished the searching 
of the nucleus of density and movement 
and we realise that we can focus on a specifyc place
when almost all the ways pass trough that location.

Then is when appears the university SUBWAY_

This SUBWAY is not just a cover in the midle of the campus, is more than that. It is more a ‘internal’ space in the exterior that allows us have the comfortability of realize the university life with a new kind of movements and changing structures and spaces. 

As we can see in the renders, people can relax by laying or sitting and ridders can prove an alternative way of enjoying this place.

Entrega 30/05

Entrega final 30/05 A1.1+A1.2+maqueta


My project involves a blind person, I have chose this program so I can work with sensations, touch and sound.
I had the opportunity to talk to blind person, Carlos. Then i made a deep work of the routine, activities, things that he realizes. 

You can see this in the first A1. So first I tried to focus on the wayne develops this activities at home. Here Carlos wake up, feed up his dog, have shower, clean, goes to the work. 
In the plan house it is drawn the paths (recorrido) that he makes. 
I also explain the way he socializes with his close people like family and friends, where they meet and how often. 
On the other hand, he also has free time, so for leisure he plays football. Moreover, he listens to music, radio, cinema, news…. Another thing is that there is the typhotechnology for entertainment. This facilitates the proper means to use the technology for blind people. Help them to access information with tools.
He does the shopping using a mobile with sound sensors, that shows him, positions services, orientations, path to follow, basically the destiny.
Finally in the blue circle I talk about time, It is put the time that he lasts to get the job, the bus, walking.

With all this, I can say that Carlos develop his activities in 4 spaces. He guides himself with a dog and the cane. 
Then in the second A1, I explain the realization project. The aim of this is to make a big space where Carlos can guide himself like a normal person without any tools, so the only way to do it is with the hands touching.
This structure is a labyrinth. He starts with a private space (home) and then he goes to another spaces (leisure, work, social). To go to work he will feel touching a smooth material, paper, because he works in LA ONCE, he is touching all the time paper (lottery). To socialize, he is going to feel grass, he meet his people in the park. For leisure he uses the sound like listen music. So he is going to touch a material rough, that sounds when you touch. 
The other paths are incorrect, lead to a wrong way. So one time he pass through this, he will learn how to get to the spaces. The material is a guide's tool.
The structure is made with steel galvanized making circles ( something that repeats like the routine) and it is also opened because these paths are in the city so he has to be able to feel the sensation of cold or heat.

It's a sensation path.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jellyfish Net Structural work

Here, it´s a structure model of a net, I pretend represent the jellyfish texture, and using the concept of improve the green zones I chose the Tuna´s park to put my net that it can refresh people and give relax and shadow in the hot summer days.

Alicante Density population