Friday, December 20, 2013


2nd Model

This is my second individual model. Here I have created a children playground, and all the structure is made out of candy. Using this model we can get nearer about

A1 Final

Finally, here is my last A1, where all my ideas of the course are expressed


Here you have my first A1, where you can find different options of the begging of this trip.


In this work experience I did a study about the leissure affecting different users. With this diagram I put on using colours, the options that different people elected, having clearly the percentages so I could find the similarities between the anwers.

Technical Drawing

Here I just let my mind dance, and I started to draw practising with the 3D drawing, drawing whatever I was feeling.

Transformation of my bedroom

This is how my bedroom finished, full of ropes and with a beautiful grass where you could walk.

Final A1

Final A1 Darío Lisón

Final A1 and Final Presentation of Project

Project Diagram 2 Darío Lisón

Diagram 2

Friday, December 13, 2013

Project VI Darío Lisón


I did a questionnaire with 11 persons, I asked them:
What senses is the most important to you?
What do you prefer, day or night?
What place do you would travel?
What season of the year do you prefer?
What do you prefer, closed space or opened space?
Do you prefer cold or hot?
What is your favorite colour and what senses produces in you?

With this data I have this diagram and this graphics to can do a place with their preferences.

Project V Darío Lisón

Technical Drawing

This is a model of a tower where you can experiment the sensations that the lava lamp produces, because this model, is a big lava lamp where human can be inside.



Project 10: Final A1

All architectural work infer emotions embargoed the author at the time of creation, just as it is necessary that the final draft of a work permit reflect the personality of the future occupants of the same, ie, that they feel that space is part of themselves, that is their space. Why? It is they - and not the architect - who spend a significant part of their lives inside these buildings.
The relationship that occurs between humans and the environment. Its object of study focused on determining the type of influence that the environment had on people, the kind of relationships they established, in turn, to the environment.

Environmental Psychology, tackles environmental studies consciousness of man, that is, of all processes involved psychologically between the physical environment and behavior.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


- This drawing is an [interior perspective] about the relation between interior and exterior of a place. As we can see there are 3 different circles: a room, a lounge and an empty room with grass. We can say that this last one is a part of the exterior caught between walls.
- It is the same for shadows and light. Shadows are mainly in the interior while natural light in the exterior. However, light gets inside if from from different openings.
- To summarize, there are two different sources of light that caught the rooms, a zenithal one, which is totally natural, the sun's light which caught the room directly, and the lateral one that crashes on a window before crossing the room.


With this model, I was able to create a lighting effect:
It's a question of a space that supports the ideas of the models it comes from. Clearly three areas can be distinguished. The first one of them, most opened, with entry of direct light. The different thicknesses together with sloping planes provide different heights in this area which is seen reducing increasingly up to coming to the second place. That one is very narrow and dark since it does not receive direct light. 
Finally, In the last place we meet a wider area with major height compared to the previous ones, whose only illuminated part comes directly from the roof, staying the rest of the surface reflected with the above mentioned light.