Monday, October 14, 2013

Project 1

Me as an Architect

Recently I realized that everything I really like I could find it studying architecture because from my point of view is the result of a mix between art and engineering. 
Talking about architecture. I'd like to focus on the artist part. To be a work of architecture is creating a work of art. Architecture has to be beauty and attractive.  And of course has to give out a sense of impressiveness like a work of art.

 I would like to work on the interior space as well as being an interior designer. I'd like to play with the interior space doing renovations according to my tastes or even take a place and turn it into something charming and comfortable.
On the other hand, I'd like to work furnishings paint floorings, wall coverings, art  and objet d'arts. I want to be a professional in the interior design field. 
For example, to know where chairs and tables will fit right, as well as color, use, etc. As an important thing, to see how a space can be used in the best and most efficient way, as well as in the most appealing way.
I also believe I could move walls (in the design plan) if need be. In Addition, an interior designer has to take into consideration environmental aspects and spatial aspects of a structure.